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Mayfield Bowling Club

Fun For All!

One thing’s for sure at Mayfield Bowling Club — we know how to have pure, unadulterated fun. Look we have been doing it since the Official Opening on 24 August 1940 as the above happy bowlers would tell you.


About Us

Mayfield Bowling Club is the Bowling Club where people come to meet and enjoy themselves. We believe in inclusivity for everyone, which is why our amazing venue is full of fun-filled attractions for the whole family to have a great time together. Our families particularly enjoy being out on the greens with plenty of space to run around.


We strive to entertain all and fit the interests of each and every one of our guests. Our unrivaled options and unforgettable experiences are what have made us such a special part of the community since we first opened over 75 years ago. You’re always invited to participate in the fun!

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